Hunting for Cheap Cinemas in Taipei – Price Summary

First-run Cinemas

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Second-run Cinemas

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Room 9 is relatively small with a small screen.

About their membership, you can pay 289 to have a membership for one year.

At room 9, the price is 230. It costs 59 TWD to have a set for a drink and middle popcorn. You can add 50 TWD to change into a big popcorn (round box), in total 339 TWD.

The membership offers discounts for tickets, you can buy four discount tickets for each movie, it means you can bring three people for discount tickets.

In your birthday month, rather than the birthday date, you buy one ticket and get one free.

Century Asia

Room 9 is relatively sm

About their student membership, if two students go there, only one of them need to pay 99 to apply for the student membership (bring your student card), and two of them can enjoy the student membership discount of 200.

They offer popcorn a 20 percent discount, small one 90, middle one 100, big one 130, for instance, it cost 130 x 0.8 for student membership to buy a big popcorn.

In the Nangang branch, the membership has to buy tickets by topping up a multiple of 500, the balance can be checked at their website, for Younghe branch, membership can not buy tickets by topping up, just pay by cash etc without topping up.